20 Years of Design and Manufacturing Experience

We have a vision , A vision that constantly drives us to create the best possible products with unique character and give their owner absolutely the best experience possible. A vision to create excellence in every aspect of "from drawing board to final product" process. Results have always been amazing.
TORYA is the natural result of this vision. A brand of products that embodies the kind of excellence you can only find in objects created with love and utmost care to every minute detail.
We are determined to always offer the extraordinary, the most luxurious, the most elegant and the best.
Only then it can be called a TORYA


Like every great object ever, TORYA products start with a pencil and a piece of paper. We believe great design is impossible without a solid concept to create your products around. Our design team is working all the time on new ideas or improving the old ones.


Great design can only be realized with appropriate materials. Every object has it’s purpose and meaning. The materials, especially the ones you are in contact all the time, speak the loudest about what that object is made for.


Alcantara® is a truly innovative product and is a perfect match for consumer products. Our products are designed around unique properties of this avant-garde material to give our customers a true Alcantara® experience. All of our Alcantara® products are made with original Alcantara imported directly from the manufacturer.

Every single step in the procurement of our leather complies with international regulations set by the Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.


As one with expect after spending many hours on design and choosing the best materials possible manufacturing of TORYA products is done with utmost care by the hands of our craftsmen in our own facilities. Everything that bears TORYA logo is handmade by artisans who are best in their fields with decades of experience.